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Telecommunications Support Services is responsible for the campus telephone system installation and maintenance. Our current system is Cisco VoIP phone system, including Cisco Unified voicemail system, which provides many ways of receiving your voicemail messages.

Telecommunications also is responsible for voice/network cabling infrastructure; maintains the campus security phones/parking lot phones, the campus security camera system; and provides billing reports to Accounting. The billing system keeps track of time called, destination, time spent on calls, extension, account number, and customer profile.

Management reports consist of long distance by authorization code, long distance by account, phone extension charges by account, and phone extension charges by extension. Authorization codes are enabled in the switch prior to use and can be disabled immediately upon notification should the security of the code be compromised.

Telephone Service Request Form (PDF)

The requester will complete the Telephone Service Request Form and emails the form to his or her supervisor. Once the supervisor signs the form, it is sent it to the Vice President of Finance for approval. Upon approval, the form is returned to the requestor, who emails the form to the IT Help Desk at

Instructions for New (VoIP) Phones: