Supplemental Instruction

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What is Supplemental Instruction (S.I.)?

Modeled after the original S.I. model from the International Center for Supplemental Instruction at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC), Lee College's S.I. Program targets historically difficult courses and aims to help students and instructors be more successful. The S.I. Program at Lee College understands that no matter how prepared a student is or how dedicated an instructor is, some classes are just difficult. S.I. strives to assist students as they progress through challenging course work by providing peer-facilitated group study sessions with the goal of increasing comprehension, critical thinking skills, and content knowledge. Working as a bridge between instruction and students, Lee College's S.I. Program seeks to make a positive impact on the retention and academic success of students.

S.I. utilizes peer-facilitated collaborative learning to create an academic support system. Instead of targeting high-risk or at-risk students, S.I. targets historically difficult classes. S.I. classes are assigned an S.I. coach who attends class with the students, facilitates structured study groups, and holds office hours for students if additional assistance is needed. (Become an S.I. coach.)

Which courses offer an S.I. coach?

  • MATH 320
  • MATH 330
  • MATH 1314
  • CHEM 1411/1412
  • PHYS 1401/2425
  • HIST 1301/1302
  • GOVT 2305
  • ECON 2301/2302
  • EDUC 2301/2302

When registering for courses, students can look at the course notes attached to the course listing to see which section has been assigned an S.I. coach.

For more information, contact the S.I. Coordinator:

Hugo Gonzalez
Learning Hub, Moler Hall, Room 109A