Federal Work Study

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Lee College participates in both the Federal Work Study Program and the Texas Work Study Program. FWS is a federally funded program providing part-time, on-campus employment for currently enrolled students. Only students who qualify for financial aid are eligible for this program. Student wages are paid by FWS allocations, not by the employing department.

The Career and Transfer Services Office collects applications for student assistants and work study students and verify eligibility to work on campus. They then match qualified candidates to departmental job requirements.

As student may not begin working until all the hiring paperwork is complete. He/she may work a maximum of 19.5 hours a week and the hourly rate is equal to the federal minimum wage. The hiring approval will show the actual amount of money the student may earn each term. A student MAY NOT work during scheduled class hours, even if the class let out early or was canceled for the day.

  • To participate in these programs, students must have financial need as calculated by completing a FAFSA.
  • To receive Texas Work Study, students must be Texas residents and met the selective service registration requirements.
  • To receive Federal Work Study, students must meet all Title IV Financial Aid requirements.
  • Students should be enrolled at least half-time (six semester hours)

For more information contact the Career and Transfer Services Office.