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Dual Credit FAQ

What is dual credit?
Who is eligible for dual credit?
What is the difference between an AP course and a dual credit course?
What are the benefits of participating in dual credit?
Where are the courses for dual credit taught?
What courses are available to take for dual credit?
Who teaches the dual credit courses?
Does a dual credit student have to submit proof of meningitis to Lee College?
Who awards grades in the courses for dual credit?
Are grades in courses for dual credit weighted when calculating the student's high school GPA?
What happens if a student earns a F in a dual credit course?
Will my dual credit courses transfer to another institution?
Who pays for dual credit courses and textbooks?
I'm a parent of a minor. How can I get information about my student's college courses?
What is FERPA?
Is there financial aid available for dual credit students?
Is the dual credit registration the process the same for homeschool or private school students?
I need help logging into myLC or Blackboard.
What if I need to drop a course?
Can I take summer courses?