Alerts - Emergency Notifications

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Lee College has a state-of-the-art notification system. This system is set up to send you vital information: emergency alerts such as campus closings and weather advisories, as well as urgent messages regarding registration and financial aid.

These messages are important. Please take the time to register. Simply sign up using the link above. You will need to have your cell phone turned on to complete the process.

Latest Notifications

Tropical Storm Beta (9/20/2020 2:43 pm)

As Tropical Storm Beta slowly makes its way along the coast, we are expecting significant rainfall and high winds from this evening through Wednesday evening. The National Weather Service issued a tropical storm warning for our area, and Chambers County Judge Jimmy Sylvia issued a voluntary evacuation order for low-lying and flood-prone areas. In the interest of safety, Lee College will excuse absences for students and employees on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday if they need to attend to their safety during this time. What this means for students is that if they are going to miss class, they should inform their instructor as soon as possible, and the instructor will extend deadlines, provide opportunities to make up work they missed, and will not count the absences if attendance is part of the student’s grade. Students should also double-check to see if any of their classes are canceled. What this means for faculty is that they can notify their division chair if they are unable to teach, and the division chair will either assign a substitute instructor or cancel class and notify students. What this means for employees is that they can take vacation or personal days and supervisors will make accommodations appropriate to the employee’s situation. Employees should inform their supervisor and HR as soon as possible.

Your safety is a top priority for all the members of the Lee College Community. Please do not take unnecessary risks just to come to campus. Conditions and hazards are often quite different in nearby locations and are subject to change rapidly. Do not travel through accumulating water on any roadway, and if it is your only route, it may not be passable when you attempt to return.

Please visit frequently to check for any updates on this emerging weather situation.

Latest Update: Campus Closure (8/25/2020 1:09 pm)
Campus Closing (Updated 8/25/2020 11:01 am)
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