Mission of Writing Center

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The Lee College Writing Center is a student service that offers free assistance to Lee College students needing help with writing projects or assignments. Tutors within the center are prepared to work with writers one-on-one and to offer assistance during any phase of the writing process. Issues addressed during sessions may include brainstorming, thesis development, organization, paragraph construction, and grammar.

Tutors do not write students’ papers, nor do they provide editing or proofreading services. Instead, they offer helpful suggestions, comments, and responses that will prompt writers to own their texts by developing stronger critical thinking and self-editing skills. By doing so, the Writing Center helps students work toward becoming more successful and independent writers who are better prepared for future academic pursuits.

In keeping with Lee College’s mission that the institution will “provide quality instruction for its students … through a variety of programs and services,” the Lee College Writing Center aims to provide quality assistance and support to all students as they work toward academic success. Just as Lee College prioritizes student learning, so does the Writing Center prioritize the varied needs of student writers who seek our services.