Testing Center Policies

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  1. Examinees must present current, valid photo identification for all exams (driver's license, state ID, school ID, passport, military ID).
  2. Personal belongings are not allowed in the testing lab and must be stored in a secured locker. Locker space is limited; please plan accordingly.
  3. Unauthorized items are not allowed in the testing lab. Unauthorized items include but are not limited to:
    • Electronic devices: cell phones, smartwatches, digital watches, earphones, etc.
    • Caps, hats, or hoods
    • Backpacks, purses, or bags
    • Weapons
    • Food, drinks, candy, gum, vape pens, or tobacco products
    • Paper, notes, books, dictionaries, study materials (unless approved)
    • Calculators (unless approved)
  4. Appointments are required and must be scheduled through Registerblast. When creating an appointment, please allow enough time to complete your exam. If a test is not complete by closing time or by the time limit, it will be collected and considered complete.
  5. Make sure to arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment, to allow enough time to check in and store personal belongings in a locker. Late appointments may not be admitted, and we reserve the right to deny testing.
  6. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the instructor delivers an exam before their test appointment. It is the instructor's responsibility to pick up the completed exam and to provide test results.
  7. Take care of personal needs before starting an exam. No restroom breaks are allowed unless approved by the instructor or test sponsor.
  8. No children are allowed in the testing lab, nor are they allowed to be left unattended during testing.
  9. Proctors, including video monitoring, will continuously monitor examinees. Any violation of the policies, including prohibited behavior and the use of unauthorized items, will cause an automatic dismissal and will be reported to the appropriate instructor. The examinee may also be subject to the college's disciplinary rules and procedures.
  10. Prohibited behavior in the testing lab will not be tolerated. Prohibited behavior includes talking, looking around, making excessive noise, opening other windows while taking a computerized exam, taking unauthorized restroom breaks, taking test content, disruptive behavior, and the use of unauthorized items.
  11. Examinees must turn in all materials used during the exam, including scratch paper.

If these policies are not followed, you may be denied access to the test; consequently, your test may be ended, dismissed, and reported.

If you need accommodations, contact the Access Center at 281.425.6217 or