GED Information

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Registering for the GED

To initiate the registration process and learn more about the GED, visit or call 877.392.6433.

Test-Taker Eligibility

To take the high school equivalency exams in Texas, an individual must:

  • be a resident of Texas,
  • have a valid government-issued photo ID, and
  • be 18 years of age or older.

For more detailed information and exceptions, please visit the Eligibility Page.

GED Study Resources

  • For more information on GED preparation classes, contact the Adult Learning Center at 281.425.6536 or visit the GED website for more GED classes around your area.
  • Testing candidates can also find Free Online GED Sample Tests and Official Practice Tests for $6 per subject on the GED website.
  • Study material is also available at most libraries and bookstores.

Official Certificates and Transcripts

  • Scores are typically available within three days for computer-based testing. Certificates are issued approximately three business days after the final computer-based test. TEA will email the initial certificate in a PDF file to the email address used to register for the exams.
  • Students who credentialed in 2014 or later can request a transcript by logging into their GED account.
  • Students who credentialed before 2014 can visit the Certificate Search to obtain a free verification letter or to purchase a PDF containing the Certificate of High School Equivalency with test scores for $5.

Score Requirements

  • The 2014 GED Test Series scores range from 100 to 200. To earn a State of Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency, you must achieve a minimum of 145 on each of the four exams.
  • A minimum score of 165 is required on Mathematical Reasoning and Reasoning Through Language Arts to qualify for a TSI exemption.
  • Individuals cannot combine scores from a previous test series or different test series. In addition, incomplete scores from tests taken before Jan. 1, 2014, are no longer valid.
  • For more information on current and previous test scores, visit Test Score Requirements.