Accommodated Testing

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Requirements for Accommodated Testing Services

The Testing Center offers appropriate accommodations and services to assist students with documented needs to promote their success in college.

Applying for Accommodations

If you need disability services, contact or 281.425.6217 to schedule an appointment with the Access Center.

Upon approval of accommodations, the Access Center will email the student, the instructors, and the Testing Center an accommodation letter with all the necessary resources to accommodate a student.

Scheduling Appointments

It is the student’s responsibility to schedule their appointment at least 24 hours in advance through If you have been approved to use a private room, you must also call the Testing Center at 281.425.6262 to reserve and ensure a private room will be available for your appointment. The reservation of private rooms is on a first-come, first-serve basis; therefore, make sure you call in advance to ensure you will receive a private room on your appointment day.

The student is responsible for working with their instructor to adapt to necessary accommodations and remind them that they will be testing at the Testing Center and that their exam must be delivered on time.

Future Accommodations

As a reminder, accommodations must be updated every semester. Therefore, please schedule an appointment with the Access Center every semester to ensure there is no interruption of services.