Traffic Regulations / Accidents

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Authority to Enforce Traffic Regulations

Lee College has the authority to enforce certain traffic regulations by the Private Institutions of Higher Education Act, Section 1, Chapter 600.003, effective Sept. 1, 1997.

Parking Permits

It is the responsibility of each student to obtain a vehicle parking permit for use of any vehicle operated on campus. After registration, the permit is obtained at the Security Facility located across Parking Lot #10. Stolen or lost permits should be reported immediately. If your permit is starting to show wear and tear due to the sun, please see Security for a replacement. Students are responsible for any tickets accrued until a replacement permit is issued.

Accessible Parking

Accessible (handicapped) parking spaces are available throughout the campus. To prevent abuse, students or staff with a disability will need to display the state issued handicapped parking permit. Failure to do so will result in a citation given by Lee College Security and or City of Baytown Citizens Patrol.


Students must park in designated student parking. Vehicle location is the responsibility of the owner. Violations will be given for:

  • Illegally parking in faculty or handicap
  • Exceeding campus speed limits
  • Backing into diagonal spaces
  • Parking on sidewalks or lawns
  • Double parking
  • Reckless driving

The following violations are also subject to being towed:

  • Blocking a driveway or doorway in a residential area
  • Vehicles determined to be abandoned
  • Parking in fire zones
  • Blocking a fire hydrant

Accidents and Thefts

All accidents, thefts or offenses that occur on campus must be reported to the Security Services Office. Keep a record of all serial numbers of valuables. Mark your auto accessories so that they can be identified. Write your name in all textbooks. Do not leave valuables in your car. Always keep cars locked.


Contact Security Services for parking locations. Do not park on the sidewalks or grass.

Auto Accidents — On-Campus

Contact Security Services at 281.425.6888 or #6888 and report the accident. The college has no responsibility for personal vehicles, but will assist in the exchange of driver information.

Auto Accidents — Off-Campus (in college vehicles)

Follow normal vehicle accident procedures. Exchange information for police reports. If the accident is of a serious nature and injuries are involved or the college vehicle is disabled, contact Lee College Security Services office at 281.425.6888.

Car Trouble & Jump Starting

Contact #6888 from on campus or 281.425.6888 from off campus. Security Officers are available 24 hours 7days a week. As a courtesy, Security Services personnel will assist in some ways, but are not available for maintenance on vehicles.

Locked Car Doors

Students/employees must sign a release form prior to vehicle being unlocked. Lee College is not responsible for possible damages caused to vehicle while in process of unlocking.