Utility Failure

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Power Outage

  1. Report the power outage immediately to the maintenance department.
  2. Turn off all electrical equipment and appliances (leave lights on).
  3. Turn off and/or secure all experiments in labs.
  4. Do not try to correct the power outage or turn any equipment back on until authorized.
  5. Check elevators, washrooms, stairways or dark rooms for stranded individuals.

Gas Leak

  1. Stay out of the area and evacuate if necessary. Use verbal communication to notify others of a leak.
  2. Report any suspected leaks to the maintenance department.
  3. Leave electrical devices alone. Do not switch on or off lights. Do not use elevators.
  4. Never light a match or lighter.

Indoor Flooding

  1. If time permits, move essential items and belongings. Do not handle live electrical equipment.
  2. Notify maintenance of the exact location of the flood/leak.
  3. Alert the occupants on floors below about the potential flooding of their area.
  4. If necessary, evacuate the building.