Sexual Assault Prevention

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Also see: Campus SaVE Act

What You Can Do To Reduce The Chances Of Being Sexually Assaulted


Be aware of your surroundings and think of where you can go, and where you can get help if you need it. People frequently ask, "Where are the dangerous areas?" We tell people to be aware of surroundings wherever they are, not just in "dangerous areas". What is a dangerous area? Instead of naming places, apply these three criteria of a place that has higher risk.

  1. Isolation, by location, darkness or both.
  2. Limited escape routes.
  3. Limited or no means of communication to summon help.

Higher risk areas could be anywhere that meets any one or all of those tests.

Lee College Security is available to escort you both to and from your classes. Contact them at 281.425.6888 or at campus extension 6888 to avail yourself of this service.


Lee College offers classes in self defense.


These can be helpful to summon help for yourself or someone else in the event of an emergency. If you keep the whistle on your key chain, it can be used as a mental reminder for you to be aware of your surroundings and your safety each time you use your keys.


As noted, Lee College Security is available to escort you both to and from your classes. Contact them at 281.425.6888 or at campus extension 6888 to avail yourself of this service.


Rohyphnol is known as the "date rape drug," the street name is "roofies." In recent years there has been information in the media to informing people of the dangers of this drug. It was first developed as an anesthetic. Although manufactured in the US, it is not legal for use, and is exported to Mexico. People are urged to take precautions against this and any other drug that can be added to a beverage. Originally Rohyphnol was odorless and tasteless, and could be added to a drink and ingested without the victim being aware of it. Changes have been made to make the drug visible in a drink, so it can be tasted or detected when you can't see the color of the drink. Effects are similar to those of alcohol as it can reduce inhibitions, impair judgment and cause the victim to become unconscious. When combined with alcohol the effects can be magnified. Additionally, Rohyphnol can produce amnesia and the victim may not remember what happened while under the influence of the drug.

  • Use the following tips to help reduce the risk of exposure to this or any other drug:
  • Do not accept an open container from anyone, and ask that you open any containers yourself.
  • Maintain positive control of your drink at all times. If you cannot say that it would have been impossible for anyone to place anything in your drink, and then throw it away.
  • If you leave your drink unattended for any length of time, get a new drink.
  • Do not leave your drink out for anyone else to drink.


If you are not drinking alcohol and feel intoxicated, or if you are drinking alcohol and feel that you are more intoxicated that you should be given how much you've consumed, have a trusted friend take you to a medical facility immediately. There are tests to detect the presence of Rohyphnol, but they must be taken within 48-72 hours of ingestion of the drug.

The potential for illegal use of Rohyphnol exists, and we need to protect ourselves from it. However, evidence shows that the date rape drug of choice on this campus is alcohol. Approximately 80 percent of the acquaintance assaults reported by students are related to alcohol on the part of the victim, the offender or both.