Active Shooter or Campus Violence

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If an active shooter is outside your building:

  1. Move to an inner area of the building if safe to do so.
  2. Turn off all the lights and close and lock all windows and doors.
  3. Contact Security at x6888 and/or call 911 with your location.

If an active shooter is inside your building:

  1. If it is possible to flee the area safely and avoid danger, do so.
  2. Lock all doors and secure yourself in your space.
  3. Silence mobile phones, pagers and other audio devices.
  4. Contact Security at x6888 and/or call 911.
  5. Get down on the floor or under a desk and remain silent.
  6. Wait for the “all clear” instruction to be issued by Security.

If an active shooter enters your office or classroom:

  1. Remain calm.
  2. Put distance between yourself and the offender. Make use of shielding.
  3. If possible, keep an escape route behind you.
  4. Make a personal choice to negotiate with or overpower the suspect.