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Building Evacuation Guidelines

  1. Immediately leave the building. Tell others to evacuate.
  2. Walk calmly — but quickly — to the nearest emergency exit.
  3. Close doors as rooms are vacated.
  4. Keep to the right side of corridors and stairwells if you exit.
  5. Use stairways only. Do not use elevators!
  6. Assist those who need help, but do not put yourself at risk attempting to rescue trapped or injured victims. Note the location of trapped or injured victims, and notify emergency personnel.
  7. Proceed directly to the designated meeting area.
  8. Do not re-enter the building until all-clear instructions are given by Lee College Security or the Baytown Police Department.

Evacuation Guidelines for Special Needs Population and Those Assisting Them

  1. If assisting, ask how you can help before attempting any emergency evacuation. Ask how he or she can best be assisted or moved, and whether any special considerations or items are needed for evacuation.
  2. If you are unable to evacuate, shelter in place in a stairwell or other area of refuge designated in the building. Be sure to let someone know your location/condition, and wait for help.