Environmental Spills

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On-Campus Release of Hazardous Materials, Toxic Substances, or Gas Leaks

In the event of an environmental spill involving hazardous chemicals or other materials, do the following:

  • Try to contain the spill, if possible, without endangering yourself or others. Whether or not you can contain the spill proceed to
  • Evacuate the area of the spill. Use judgment depending on the nature and quantity of spilled material. The “rule of thumb” is to get far enough away so that you can no longer smell vapors or detect irritation due to the spilled material. If there is danger of fire and/or explosion, evacuate the building. If in doubt, get out — evacuate the building.
  • Render first aid to any injured parties. (Refer to Medical Emergencies section of this handbook for location(s) of first aid kits).
  • Notify the Fire Department by telephoning 9.911 and relay the following information:
    1. Your name
    2. Location of the spill. For example, Lee College, Moler Hall.
    3. Type of material involved and quantity, if known.
    4. Number of injured persons, if known and nature of injuries.
  • Call Security Services at extension 6888 or 9.281.425.6888 who will notify the switchboard to electronically activate a building alarm. In the McNulty-Haddick or Science buildings, an employee may pull a hand alarm.

Be available when the Fire Department arrives to tell where in the building the spill is located.