QEP Implementation Team

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Member Title Committee
LeAnn Allison QEP Director All
Allen, Paul Division Chair Assessment
Griffith, DeDe Director, Success Assessment
Hernandez-Perez, Michelle Coordinator Assessment
Kemper-Pelle, Cathy Vice President Assessment
Rodriguez, Jodi Staff Assessment
Vaughan, Rick Data Analyst Assessment
Allen, Paul Division Chair E-Portfolio
Byal, Dana Faculty E-Portfolio
Childress, Layton Dean E-Portfolio
Diamond, Kyle Student E-Portfolio
Ganakos, Joe Faculty E-Portfolio
James, Nora Faculty E-Portfolio
Martin, Kim Faculty E-Portfolio
Yepez, Lena Coordinator E-Portfolio
Allen, Paul Division Chair Marketing
Coats, Chris Digital Services Manager Marketing
Covington, Marti Public Relations Manager Marketing
Crutchfield, Randy Industry/Student Marketing
Demary, Roger Web Services Manager Marketing
Ponce, Christy Vice President Marketing
Smith, Lorrent Graphic Designer Marketing
Weaver, Julie Adm. Secretary Marketing
MRKG 1311 Students Marketing
Camp, James Faculty Professional Development
Hernandez-Perez, Michelle Coordinator Professional Development
Suchon, Donnetta Vice President Professional Development
Willis, Daria Dean Professional Development
Askey, Treva Division Chair Student Success Course
Branch, Lakeshia Librarian Student Success Course
Dillon, Renea GCCISD Student Success Course
Reyes, Laura GCCISD Principal Student Success Course
Allen, Paul Division Chair Team Advising
Buxkemper, Felix Counselor Team Advising
Byal, Dana Faculty Team Advising
Elliott, John Faculty Team Advising
Lightfoot, Carolyn CIO Team Advising
Marron, Victoria Weekend Director Team Advising
Moreno, Marissa Lead Counselor Team Advising
Oehler, Troy Programmer / Analyst Team Advising
Woods, Dana Counselor Team Advising