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1. What is accreditation?
It’s a requirement for Lee College to earn accreditation. This means Lee College is offering quality education according to Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). A college that is accredited ensures that your grades and credits will transfer to other colleges and universities and ensures Lee College students can receive financial aid.

2. What is a QEP?
The QEP stands for Quality Enhancement Plan. Lee College is required to develop and implement a QEP to improve student learning.

3. What is our QEP?
The Lee College QEP will embrace three select areas for improving students’ persistence leading to the completion of desirable career based credentials including certificates and degrees.

  • Career exploration and planning.
  • Mandatory student success course and development of an electronic portfolio.
  • Team advising using Inspire for Advisors.

4. How was the QEP topic chosen?
The QEP topic selection was based on an organized process of data collection from students, faculty and staff; institutional self-assessment; issues identification; solutions identification; and focus group discussions.

5. Can you sum up our QEP in one sentence?
Lee College’s QEP is designed to guide students in finding a career path or transfer goals by assisting the student in developing and implementing an educational plan using support services which will in turn create success.

6. Why do we need a QEP?
Our QEP is a piece of the accreditation process which mirrors and supports the commitment of Lee College and SACSCOC to the enhancement of the quality of higher education and that student learning is at the heart of the Lee College Mission Statement: Lee College serves as a focal point for the development of educated, gainfully employed, and socially aware residents of our local community.

7. Did you know?
Of our Fall 2012 first-time-in-college (FTIC) students, only 9 percent graduated. Of those, 0 percent of the General Studies students graduated! This is why our QEP is so important to students, faculty, staff, and the community.

8. What are the Lee College goals of our QEP?
Lee College will:

  1. Help students clarify their career and transfer goals.
  2. Assist students in developing and implementing an educational plan.
  3. Equip students for their transition (transfer or career) through the development of self-assessment strategies that enable them to determine their progress toward transfer or employment.

9. What are the Lee College Student Learning Outcomes of our QEP?
Students will:

  1. Be able to articulate how an education in their selected major provides a foundation for their future career or transfer success.
  2. Be able to identify the steps to achieve their goal and assess their progress along pathway to achieve their career or transfer success.
  3. Be able to apply and demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

10. Is there a specific group of students that will be involved in our QEP?
First-time-in-college students who have General Studies or Undecided as their major will be tracked as a cohort.

  • These students will receive support in the selection of coursework artifacts and out-of-class activities for inclusion in an e-portfolio to establish their baseline abilities and demonstrate academic and personal growth during their education at Lee College.
  • These students will be required to enroll in a student success course.
  • Students in the target group will receive support from faculty advisors once they have selected a major.

11. How will faculty and staff be involved with our QEP?
Faculty and/or staff will be the facilitators of the learning environment enhancement plan at Lee College.

  • Advising team members will participate in professional development activities to help them facilitate student use of e-portfolios.
  • Faculty teaching the student success courses will receive training on e-portfolios.

12. What is the QEP Timeline?

  • Obtain approval of our QEP by SACSCOC during the on-site visit, Oct. 26-27, 2015.
  • Professional Development beginning Fall 2015, including faculty advisor and counselor training, e-portfolio training, career exploration software training and Inspire for Advisors training.
  • Implement our QEP beginning August 2016 to Summer 2021.