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The Lee Col­lege Pre-Nurs­ing pat­hway is for stu­dents who plan to com­plete pre­re­qui­sites for Lee Col­lege's nurs­ing pro­grams as well as nurs­ing pro­grams in the Hous­ton Metro­poli­tan re­gion and be­yond.

The cours­es in this plan in­clude com­mon nurs­ing pre­requi­sites such as Ana­tomy and Phys­iology, Gen­eral Psych­ology, and Eng­lish Com­posi­tion, as well as gen­eral core cur­ricu­lum need­ed for many Bach­elor of Sci­ence in Nurs­ing pro­grams.

Stu­dents should work with their ad­vi­sors to tai­lor course selec­tions to align with their cho­sen nursing program.

What Will I Learn?

The courses in the Pre-Nursing pathway provides students with basic and advanced knowledge to build upon in nursing courses. Completing these courses will demonstrate a nursing candidate's motivation to enter the nursing field and prepares a student for success in their chosen nursing program.

What Can I Do with This Course of Study?