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His­tory re­quires stu­dy­ing our hu­man past through writ­ten re­cords, oral his­tor­ies, maps, pho­to­graphs and other his­tori­cal arti­facts as a means to un­der­stand the pres­ent and to craft solu­tions for the fu­ture.
What Will I Learn?

Students will gain a basic understanding of society through the study of historical events, governing institutions, human behavior and economic development. An Associate of Arts degree in Social Science prepares graduates for entry-level roles in many industries. It also paves the way for students to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in a field related to Social Science at most state universities in Texas. Other skills students will acquire from this program are research, writing, critical thinking, content knowledge and comprehension, and information literacy. 

What Can I Do with This Course of Study?
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