Child Development

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Child development refers to the process through which human beings typically grow and mature from infancy through adulthood. The different aspects of growth and development that are measured include physical growth, cognitive growth, and social growth. Child development focuses on the changes that take place in humans as they mature from birth to about age 17.

What Will I Learn?

Students will be prepared for entry-level positions working with young children and their families. A developmental approach is emphasized, which promotes optimal physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth of children.

Students gain practical knowledge and skills necessary for effective communication, teaching, guidance and motivation of young children as well as for interacting with parents.

What Can I Do with This Course of Study?
AAS: Child Development
AAS: Child Development — Transfer Plan, UHCL
EDCDA1: Certificate of Completion — Child Development Administrator
EDCDC1: Certificate of Completion — Child Development Curriculum Specialist
EDCDM1: Certificate of Completion — Child Development Associate Training Marketable Skills