Audio Engineering Technology

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An audio engineer (or a sound engineer) is a trained professional who works with the mechanics of recording, mixing, and reproducing sound.

Audio engineering technology deals specifically with the technical and mechanical aspects of music and sound.

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Audio Engineering Technology program offers students hands-on study of audio engineering and related media fields. Students learn and apply the concepts and theories associated with music recording, live sound reinforcement, and sound design. The program is designed to give students foundational knowledge and experience essential in the field of audio production.
What will I learn?

From mechanical and electrical design through theatre sound implementation, an Associate of Applied Science in Engineering Technology at Lee College will teach students how audio technology hardware works and why, as well as how to apply it in a variety of spaces.

What Can I Do with This Course of Study?
AAS: Audio Engineering Technology
AET1: Certificate of Completion — Audio Engineering Technology
MSP1: Certificate of Completion — Music Studio Production
SRT1: Certificate of Completion — Sound Reinforcement Technology