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Crea­tive Arts en­coura­ges crea­tive ex­plor­a­tion while dev­elop­ing tech­ni­cal pro­fi­cien­cy. A wide range of individuals will enjoy the self-expressive nature of the study of art. Cour­ses are struc­tured to trans­fer to most four-year in­sti­tu­tions in Texas in pur­suit of a bach­elor's degree in crea­tive arts or other re­lated field.

Many careers require education beyond the associate degree. Students should work with their advisor to tailor course selections to align with their chosen transfer university. The transfer plan on this page shows a tailored example for a university commonly chosen by Lee College students. However, students may choose to continue their education at any university.

What Will I Learn?

Students will gain an understanding of the fine and creative arts through the study of foundations, history, critical analysis, and exhibition. Studying art provides the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge of different art forms, media, and techniques. 

What Can I Do with This Course of Study?
Art UHCL Transfer Plan