Accounting and Finance

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Accounting, often called the “language of business,” provides essential information about the economic activities of a business to its owners, its creditors, and other groups.

The two-year Accounting Technology Program is designed to prepare students for mid-level accounting positions, such as full-charge bookkeepers or clerical supervisors in business industry.

Emphasis is placed on generally accepted accounting principles and internal accounting procedures, as well as computer applications.

What Will I Learn?

An Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Accounting will prepare students for roles in business and tax accounting. Students might study bookkeeping and data management, and they will learn how to use computer programs related to accounting on a professional level.

Although the degree plan contains courses that may be applicable to a four-year accounting degree, it is primarily designed to prepare the student for immediate job placement. Students pursuing a bachelor's degree in accounting should refer to the Associate of Science in Business Administration section of this catalog and see a counselor prior to registration.

Students desiring a less comprehensive program that includes some accounting procedures and practices should consider the Accounting Technician Certificate or Advanced Accounting Technician Certificate.

Students who have not had high school accounting or who have not worked in accounting may wish to take ACNT 1303 - Introduction to Accounting I, before taking ACCT 2401 - Principles of Accounting I - Financial.

Students should plan to take a capstone course, as listed below, in their last semester and should speak with an accounting advisor prior to registering for the final semester.

What Can I Do With this Course of Study?
AAS: Accounting Technology
TA1: Certificate of Completion — Accounting Technician
AT1: Certificate of Completion — Advanced Accounting Technician
BB1: Certificate of Completion — Basic Business
Accounting and Finance UHCL transfer plan
Accounting and Finance UH Transfer Plan