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Library Vision

Lee College Library will empower its patrons and staff to be self-sufficient researchers and lifelong learners in an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional facility. The library will provide resources that target the specific needs of each user group. Ongoing professional development will equip the library staff to effectively address the patrons’ information needs. Each library patron, in person or remote, will have their information needs met in a warm and friendly manner.

Library Mission

The primary purpose of the Erma Wood Carlson Library is to support the college mission and student, faculty, staff, and administration success by continually giving them the tools and skills to become information literate citizens in today’s society. The library is dedicated to providing outstanding information resources, services, and facilities to support all of Lee College’s programs. An additional role is to provide access to information and services to our community within the limits allowed by the library’s resources.


  1. To increase the use of traditional library materials and services.
  2. The library will provide access to balanced supportive collections.
  3. The library will maintain its commitment to educational excellence and service through intensive efforts to recruit and retain quality professional and paraprofessional staff that will be appropriate in size to carry out the college mission.
  4. The library will establish new and improve current services by implementing programs that encourage life long learning and are based on the college mission.
  5. The library will be at the forefront of providing outstanding facilities and technological innovation by regularly assessing if needs are being met.