Co-Requisite Courses

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Co-Requisite Schedule (PDF)

Benefits of Co-Requisite Courses

You will be able to complete two math/English courses within one semester, fast-tracking toward graduation.

HB 2223: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are co-requisite courses?

A: Co-requisite courses are courses that must be taken at the same time. In developmental education at Lee College that means that a student is enrolled in a developmental course and the next sequential credit course in the same semester. Emphasis is placed on providing students the needed support to successfully complete both courses.

Q: What is the benefit of co-requisite courses?

A: Students can complete a developmental and a credit math course or a developmental and a credit English course in one semester, thus fast tracking toward graduation.

Q: Who is eligible to take co-requisite courses in developmental education?

A: Co-requisite classes are available to developmental education students who meet TSI eligibility for the courses, as well as college-ready students who would like to review developmental material.

Q: What co-requisite formats are offered at Lee College?

A: Depending on the subject area, courses may be offered in a face-to-face, hybrid, or online format.

Q: How can students identify co-requisite courses when registering for classes?

A: Co-requisite courses do not have special names. Students should search for the needed developmental course. The description of the developmental course will start with the phrase “This course is part of a co-requisite pairing where students are enrolled in a developmental and a linked credit course in the same semester. “ The description will also explain the relevant details of the co-requisite pairing.

Q: Do students have to enroll in co-requisite courses?

A: A student can choose to not take a co-requisite class, however they will be required to complete the appropriate developmental education requirement depending on their TSI placement.

Q: What resources are available to students while taking co-requisite courses?

A: There are student tutors available in the Math Lab and English Writing Lab. Some courses may have supplemental instructors in the classroom.

Q: What courses are offered as co-requisites?

A: Refer to Math Pathways and English and Reading Pathways.

Q: What is HB 2223?

A: HB 2223 is a Texas house bill mandating that all public higher education institutions in the state develop and implement co-requisite models to deliver developmental education, to increase student success and retention.

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