Horticulture: USDA Grant

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Lee College Huntsville Center is proud to announce that our Horticulture program was awarded a $250,000 National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) grant through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for Project GROW (Get Responsible and Own Work). Project GROW is a four year grant project that includes funding for curriculum development, facility upgrades, horticulture tools and supplies and tuition for students.

  • Purpose: (1) Strengthen horticulture program for incarcerated students at one prison unit in Texas by adding additional infrastructure (2) Integrate soft skill elements, including learning objectives and activities into horticulture courses (3) Implement additional emphasis on personal and business financial expertise in the curriculum and (4) Increase the opportunity for degree attainment for inmate students.
  • Participants: 200 inmate students
  • Benefits: 55 educational scholarships for tuition, fees and books
  • Products: Curriculum changes in 10 courses, new greenhouse and potting room to enable expansion of program
  • Outcome/Impact: (1) Practice in applying communication, problem-solving, self-management and teamwork soft skills. (2) Practice in applying financial management principles to personal and business finances. (3) Increased degree completion rate for horticulture students (4) Increased number of students articulate into related bachelor’s degree program and (5) Majority of released completers in related employment after release.

United States Department of Agriculture