Cabinet Making: Skills & Proficiencies

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  • Estimate materials from blueprints and calculate labor costs.
  • Identify materials to build exterior and interior systems that reflect “Green By Design” concepts.
  • Demonstrate safe work practices; use and maintain tools and equipment; describe parts of a
    conventional wall; and construct a conventional wall to specifications.
  • Describe components of a conventional interior finish system; explain the construction sequence of interior systems; complete conventional interior finish operations per specifications; and describe methods of thermal insulation and sound control.
  • Convert between decimals and fractions; use measuring tools; calculate ratios and proportions in a technical application; transpose linear equations to solve for unknowns.
  • Identify types and components of a cabinet; label types of joints used in construction; name the standard sizes of typical kitchen cabinets; label types of cabinet doors; identify hardware used on cabinets; list types of materials used on cabinets and counter tops; draw plans; calculate costs; and prepare a bill of materials; demonstrate safe use of hand, portable, and stationary power tools; and layout, cut, and assemble components using proper joints and fastening devices to construct a cabinet.
  • Identify the different types of furniture construction; construct doors and drawers; select from among joints and construction techniques; name each part of a furniture piece; and identify different materials used for furniture construction; demonstrate safe use of portable and stationary power tools; develop a furniture design; and layout, cut, and assemble components.
  • Select the types of wood and materials to be used in cabinet construction; read blueprints and cabinet drawings; calculate measurements regarding cabinet layout and construction; design and develop working drawings and specifications; and layout, cut, and assemble components.