BEACC Constitution & Bylaws

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NOTICE: Per Article XI in the Amendments section of the HEACC bylaws, all amendments and general revision shall be: presented in writing to all current members, be reviewed by the president of the institution, and be put to vote in order to implement the changes. Because of the enactment of SB17 on Jan. 1, 2024, this page is not reflective of the current standards, needs, and beliefs of HEACC, and should be seen as null and void. For any further questions or clarifications on the mission, values, or standards of HEACC/BEACC, please contact Kelli Forde-Spiers at

Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the Black Educational Access and Completion Committee of Lee College.

Article II Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to:

  • Encourage educational access to the black community.
  • Promote career exploration and retention.
  • Promote cultural and heritage educational awareness and inclusiveness.
  • Build a "safe space" presence and supportive network for black students, faculty, and staff.
  • Create and advise a black student organization at Lee College
  • Build a community of partners from local businesses to support the black student body.

Article III Affiliation

This organization shall operate according to the regulations/policies of Lee College.

Article IV Nondiscrimination

This organization shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or disability.

Article V. Membership

Section 1: This organization shall be open to all Lee College students and the community.

Section 2: Membership of this organization shall be voluntary participants in the organization activities.

Section 3: Membership attendance will be kept by the organization secretary.

Article VI. Officers

Section 1: The officers of this organization shall consist of:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary

Section 2: Qualifications: committed, responsible, accountable and enthusiastic people.
Section 3: Term of officers: An officer shall serve a one-year term beginning on June 1. Those officers who wish to keep their position for more than one term must be nominated by other members for re-election.
Section 4: Duties. the duties of the officers shall be as follows:


  • Shall be the chief executive officer of the organization.
  • Shall preside over meetings and shall authorize organizational funds.
  • Shall appoint committees as required, and shall fill by appointments vacancies, which may occur among the officers.
  • Shall set the agenda for all regular and special meetings of the organization.
  • Shall delegate responsibilities, and oversee all organizational activities.
  • Shall keep an open mind in all matters of the organization.
  • Shall take others comments and concerns into consideration.


  • Shall assume the duties of the president during his/her absence and shall succeed to that position in the event that it becomes vacant.
  • Other duties as appointed by the president.
  • Must co-chair the Planning Committee.


  • Shall keep records of all meetings.
  • Shall maintain a journal of all organizational activities.
  • Shall keep an accurate up to date list of all voting members.
  • Shall be responsible for the announcement of meetings.
  • Other duties as appointed by the president.

Article VII. Elections

Section 1: Elections of officers shall be held yearly.
Section 2: All current members are eligible to vote; however, they must be present at the meeting.
Section 3: Candidates for officers must be current members to qualify.
Section 4: All officers shall be elected by a majority of votes.

Article VIII. Meetings

Section 1: Regularly scheduled meetings will be held at a minimum, monthly.
Section 2: Regular meetings shall be conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order.
Section 3: Officers shall convene into a special session at the discretion of the president.

Article IX. Advisors
The Lee College president will appoint an employee to serve as a liaison between Lee College and BEACC.

Article X. Financial Provisions

Section 1: Revenue Sources

  • Lee College fund: Lee College provides BEACC funds almost in its entirety.
  • Donation: all donations by individuals or institutions shall be made to BEACC, unless the donor specifies a specific purpose for the donation.

Section 2: Budget

  • A tentative budget shall be prepared for the purpose of allocating funds to the different projects throughout the year.
  • Financial reports shall be presented at the request of the president.

Section 3: The budget shall be managed and controlled by BEACC Officers.

Article XI. Amendments

Section 1: Amendments to this Constitution and/or Bylaws shall be presented in writing in any meeting by any current member.
Section 2: After a review of the amendment or amendments by the president to ascertain that all is in order and no conflicts exist, the amendments(s) will be presented to the members at the following meeting.
Section 3: A majority vote of the present members will be necessary for approval of an amendment.
Section 4: A general revision of the Constitution and/or Bylaws, shall follow the same procedures set forth in Section 1, 2, and 3.