Coronavirus: Stay Informed

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Isolation and Quarantine
Protocols (PDF)

On May 18, Governor Greg Abbott issued Executive Order GA 36, which prohibits government entities from requiring or mandating individuals to wear face coverings. This executive order takes effect Friday, May 21, 2021, and Lee College will comply with the governor's executive order.

Effective immediately, the choice to wear a mask while on campus is now a voluntary one. Individuals who prefer to wear a mask are certainly free to do so. Last week the CDC released new guidelines about masks being optional for people who are vaccinated, which indicates that progress is being made in the national fight against COVID-19.

The college continues to encourage members of the campus community to get vaccinated. If you have any questions about vaccinations, contact the Human Resources Office.

Green Risk Level Effective May 24, 2021

Due to the change in guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, the college is planning to move to the Green Risk Level on Monday, May 24, 2021, with the following conditions:

  • Employees and students who are not vaccinated are requested to wear masks and maintain social distance.
  • If you experience COVID-related symptoms, test positive, or have been in close contact with someone who tested positive, notify your supervisor and HR if you are an employee or notify the Associate Dean of Testing & Student Life if you are a student;
  • Employees who are quarantined will be required to use sick time for the days they miss work. Employees who have permission to work from home and are able to do so can avoid missing work when they are quarantined.

On Monday, May 24, 2021, the switch to the Green Risk Level means:

  • Employees and students no longer need to complete the Daily Health Screening before coming to campus;
  • Employees and students who are vaccinated are not required to wear masks and are not required to maintain social distance, but can wear masks and maintain social distance if they choose to;
  • Employees and students cannot require others to wear masks in their presence but can ask others to maintain social distancing;
  • Classrooms, meeting rooms and open work areas can be occupied at pre-COVID capacity;
  • Employees who work with students, e.g., faculty, advisors/counselors and recruiters, should provide spaces for students who indicate they are unvaccinated to maintain a social distance of three feet from others;
  • Restrooms will return to full capacity;
  • Food and drink will be allowed as it was prior to the pandemic;
  • Employees may continue using Plexiglass barriers.

If you are concerned about your safety:

  • Almost everyone has the ability to protect themselves from COVID-19 by getting the vaccine, which is free and widely available. For further information, please see the CDC FAQ and Recipient Education Webpage.

Employees who have been telecommuting due to the risk of COVID-19:

  • You may or may not be allowed to continue telecommuting after Aug. 2, 2021, based on a new telecommuting policy that took effect on that date.