How to Pay

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Pay Online

  • Full Payment by Student: To pay your full tuition and fees online, log in to your myLC Campus account, click the "Financial Account" tile, and then click "Make a Payment."
  • Payment Plan by Student: To pay your tuition and fees by establishing an automatic payment plan, log in to your myLC Campus account, click the "Financial Account" tile, and then click "Make a Payment." Please note that a $25 payment plan fee will be charged. You can view payment plan details at
  • Full Payment or Payment Plan by an Authorized User: Once a student has logged into the online payment account (see above) and set up an authorized user on their account, the authorized user will log in at using the username and initial password that were sent to the authorized user in two separate messages at the time the student added the authorized user to the account. If the initial password has expired, click "forgot password," and a new temporary password will be emailed to the authorized user.

Pay In Person

Tuition and fees paid at the cashiers must be paid by cash, check (international checks are not accepted), money order, Discover, MasterCard, Visa or American Express to complete a registration. A valid driver’s license of the person signing the check is required ID for checks. There will also be a $30 fee for all returned checks. International students must pay by cash, money order or credit card.

Paying a Past Due Balance

If a past due balance on a student account is paid with a check, credit card, or debit card, there will be a five (5) business day waiting period before the Business Office hold on the student account is removed. For the Business Office hold to be removed immediately, the past due balance must be paid in cash at the Cashier's Office in Rundell Hall.

For assistance with questions or issues regarding payments, contact the Business Office at 281.425.6321 or